My Priorities

Continuing to advocate for, and helping to ensure Special Needs students have the resources and services they require.

 Having two special needs children of my own, I have an acute awareness of the ever increasing need for having a strong, supported team of professionals to help address and accommodate the exceptional needs of this diverse group of pupils. With the change in funding our current government has imposed on the schools this is extremely challenging. We are only one of too many families that feel this pain. I believe that part of the solution to this is to increase the number of professionals and the funding they receive in these support roles es, thereby increasing student safety. 

Ensuring students who should be in school are at school

  Often there are extenuating circumstances that families encounter that prevent their children from attending school. Some of these challenges include being in the foster system, parents unaware that their child should be at school, as well as students who are having to assume more responsibly in the family and have had to put school second. By working with all of the agencies that support families I hope to have “everybody in school everyday”.  

Encouraging students to attend and stay in school, and graduate, as well as work towards a scholarship, through incentivizing programs

 We have seen time and again the evidence that incentive programs like these work in neighbourhoods all over North America where income levels are low, child poverty is high, that have high drop-out rates, and low graduation rates. Ward 7 is home to neighbourhoods that fit this description, and student attendance and achievement is always an issue and concern. I think we can, and should, improve our children’s future prospects by exploring new methods of encouraging our kids to look forward to their education, not dread it -or worse- avoid it. 

About Me

My Experience as Trustee

I’ve been extremely active during the last couple of years as a Trustee for WSD. In 2016/2017 I sat on the Children’s Heritage Committee, the WSD/Winnipeg Police Committee, the Student Advisory Committee, and the North District Advisory Committee. For this 2017/2018 school year, I presently sit on the Finance and Personnel Committee, the WSD/Winnipeg Police (again), the Children’s Heritage Committee, the Central District Advisory Committee, the Student Advisory Committee, the Public Relation/Communications Committee, and the Inclusive Education Committee. As well, I also am part of the Advisory Council for Aboriginal Education. I recently introduced a motion to start the process to allow WSD school buses to install ticket-issuance cameras on buses as an effort to reduce or eliminate the problem of motorists not stopping for school buses, thereby increasing student safety. 

My Family and Interests

I am a wife and mother to three amazing boys, who all attend public school in the Winnipeg School Division, two in Elementary and one in High School. Two of my boys have Autism Spectrum Disorder.

With three boys I am always doing something. As a family we enjoy spending our time outdoors camping, going to the park or just riding our bikes. I also enjoy watching baseball and gardening. I am also a hobby cake and cookie baker with the dream of opening a cafe that would employ those with Special Needs.

Other Places I am involved

Apart from my work as a Trustee, I also currently sit as Chairperson of the Parent Child Coalition for Together In Elmwood (TIE), and sit on the Board of Directors for Manitoba Association of Parent Councils (MAPC). And if that wasn’t enough, I am also a part-time Barista for Starbucks Coffee Company! I was also a key player in Autism Winnipeg PACE until my resignation in 2016

Election Day is October 24 2018

Ward 7 Boundries

From CPR Carberry, north along Main St to North Division boundary (north side of McAdam Ave), east along North Division boundary to Red River, south along Red River to Elmwood Park, east along North boundary of Elmwood Park to Henderson Hwy, south along Henderson Hwy to Harbison Ave W, east along Harbison Ave W (both sides) and Harbison Ave E (both sides) (Division boundary), continue east along extension of north side of Harbison Ave E to Panet Rd, south along Panet Rd to Division boundary (south of Thomas Ave extension), west along Division boundary (south of Thomas Ave) to Archibald St, north along Archibald St to CPR Carberry, west along CPR Carberry to Main St.

Schools Included

  • Luxton Elementary
  • Norquay Elementary
  • Glenelm Elementary
  • Lord Selkirk Elementary
  • Riverelm Elementary
  • Kent Road Elementary
  • George V Elementary
  • Elmwood High School


Come join me at Sams Place 159 Henderson Hwy from 10 am to 11am


June 16 

July 7 and 21

August 4 and  18

September 8 (10am) and 29th (2pm)

October 20

Where I will be

September 3-8

Elmwood Area-Harbison Ave, Martin Ave, Union Ave, Chalmers Ave, Johnson Ave (Henderson to Watt)

-Glenem area (Harbison, Martin, Cobourg, Noble, Hart, Hespeler, Digby, Leslie, Silvia, Glenwood)

-Luxton (McAdam south to the Redwood Bridge all East of Main)

Poll locations EK 01, 02, &08, MY 22, 23, 24

September 9-15

Elmwood Area- Poplar, Tweed, Thames, Kent Road, Chalmers, Manhattan, Beach, Talbot, Hebert, McCalman, Nairn, Keenlyside, Stapleton, Culver, Milford, Clyde, Grey, Harbison, Martin, Johnson, Union.

September 16-22

Various areas in Elmwood including, Harbison, Martin, Union, Windsor, Thames, Riverton, Tweed, Talbot, William Newton, Watt and Most large apartment buildings.

September 23-29

This week I will be focusing on all area I did not reach over the past three weeks, then going to areas for a second time. Kent Road School area and Glenelm area.

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